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Is this your typical work-from-home day?

Working from home. The 4-C Huddle: conversation, creativity, care and collaboration.


  • Three scheduled zoom calls
  • A minimum of 45 interruptions by kids, dogs, and random craziness
  • Figuring out how to take everything online
  • Gulping your third cup of coffee
  • Crunching numbers for your department’s budget
  • Drafting copy for a marketing pitch and fine-tuning PowerPoint slides


  • Tutoring session with your 4th grader on fractions
  • Four loads of laundry
  • A fervent – yet unfulfilled – wish for a yoga session
  • Two Amazon deliveries
  • Tossing chicken in a marinade for dinner on your “lunch break” (Is that even a thing these days?)

Talk about full plates spinning in the air…

We feel you!

Everyone we know in our network of mar-comm pros is struggling right now. Work, homelife, school, pandemic worry …. It’s a lot!
The pandemic has brought so many new challenges, directly and indirectly impacting our work. We’ve found it helps to talk it out.

The 4-C Huddle was created for just one purpose: to talk it out.

A cuppa and a friendly chat – it's as simple as that.

The 4-c huddle is all about


It’s truly just a time to talk.

This isn’t a sales pitch.

It’s a chance to discuss a project/problem/issue you may be having right now where you could use a fresh perspective or a brainstorm session. Or maybe you’d just like a friendly ear – or ears – to talk through your current work situation. The four of us cover a broad base of experience in marketing and communications. We are specialists in strategy, creative development, public relations, event planning and all things digital. Collectively we have nearly a century (!) of experience in healthcare, education, nonprofit, building and banking. And we all love to talk!

We are all in this together.

Could YOU use a good huddle?

Who’s in the huddle?

Four Communications Professionals

We came together to chat as the pandemic dragged on. When it felt like we were going in 100 different directions with little focus and with so many plates spinning in the air simultaneously, we noticed how much it helped to just talk. We kept talking, every week, it helped us better focus our projects and work. We discovered we had different skills and experiences that were complimentary to each other. The industries we work with vary, but our commonality is a focus in marketing and communications and a similar value system where we appreciate, support and empathize with each other.

We’ve each found great camaraderie, solace, and support in hashing out problems, brainstorming solutions, and, sometimes, just venting.

Elizabeth Sawinski

Elizabeth Sawinski

Aerologic Marketing

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Nancy Mayes

Nancy Mayes

Blue Wagon Group

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Cindy Rose

Cindy Rose

Rose Development & Marketing

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Stephanie Helline

Stephanie Helline

Strategic Health

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How ‘bout a round of applause?

Recent 4-C Huddle Successes

Helped a colleague tweak a proposal and her pricing for a client pitch. (She got it!)

Brainstormed ideas for taking an association’s annual conference virtual.

Offered advice on juggling caregiver responsibilities from afar, based on our personal experiences.

Coached a mar-comm director who no longer has a team how to move projects forward with skilled consultants.


Our best work is rarelt alone.